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Witches Rock Surf Photos

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After a very busy season of surf lessons and SUP tours, we took our instructors, Brayan and Angelou, out for a three day “Research & Development” trip to Witches Rock, a world renown break for its epic barrels. And barrels they got! After an adrenaline-fueled trip, they are now back to passing on the stoke to our beginners. Here are photos from the trip:

Angelou in a barrel

Matt on a huge wave

Matt carving on a wave

Angelou tucked inside a barrel

Matt on another huge wave

Angelou in the tube

Brayan beating out the wave

Brayan cutting back

Brayan tucked in a wave

Angelou on a gorgeous right

Matt taking off

Matt says this beats selling cars. Read why in About Us

Angelou having fun

Brayan charging

Matt charging

Matt dropping in!

Brayan aiming for the tube



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